A new lifestyle with Kugoo e-scooter

Your daily work commute doesn’t have to be a frustrating experience with an e-scooter and not to mention costly. With a personal electric scooter, you get the personal convenience to make daily commute, weekend riding, and lifestyle a lot more relaxed. When you have to hop from one mode of transport, even the shortest commute can feel like a tedious chore and a hassle. Since most of us weren’t lucky enough to continue working from home, we’re back to daily commuting, and electric scooters are just what you need. When you want to be free of the usual delays that have made daily travel and schedule an absolute nightmare, an electric scooter gets you anywhere you want without the excesses of using cars or the sweaty outcome of bikes. But they are more than necessary micro-mobility vehicles; they can also be the spark to your couple life & weekend life. Let’s find out how electric scooters can make your days less glum.

Daily commute

While it may be cheaper in the short run to use public transport or ride-hail, the costs begin to add up over time, and you can feel the pinch. Electric scooters significantly cut down commuting time, and their small compact form factor allows you to scoot past traffic, maneuver through crowds and get to your destination earlier. Designed with portability in mind, electric scooters complement other forms of transport, including buses and taking the subway. As a first and last-mile solution, you can fold them up and carry them with you while on the bus or train, so you don’t have to rely on the bus or train alone. You can scoot your way to a convenient commute, and even better, you don’t have to wait for any rides. Just turn it on and scoot about.

Explore a new way to get to work

With a personal scooter, you can explore other routes and dig into the neighborhood map. This is impossible with public transport and comes in handy when you get into unforeseen closures or notorious traffic snarl-ups. You get to explore the city, find shortcuts, run into a new coffee shop or even meet someone with a similar scooter. Either way, every new ride promises a different adventure around the city and refreshes the usual boring daily commute with a fun ride and an E-scooter lifestyle.

Scooter games

There’s no shortage of scooter games, and if you can recall the childhood thrill, the nostalgia will eventually get to you. You can band together with other e-scooter riders from your neighborhood and set up game day around the neighborhood or nearest racetrack. You can up the ante with a glossy prize like a free dessert or a 6-pack from a brew bar you love. Some of the fun games you can have with scooter buddies include;

  • Going bird watching; an off-road adventure and a chance to get some sunlight and fresh air while exploring bird species.
  • Red light green light; designate one person as the traffic light and see how fast your scooter pairs against the rest.
  • Good old scooter racing; create a scooter course and take on the toughest riders in the hood. If you think your e-scooter can ace them, prove it with a heated scooter race and enjoy the rest of the afternoon keeping scores and beating personal bests.
  • Hit the park; you can always learn a new trick at the skate park and have a good time. Practice your scootering, try some freestyle if you can, or show them a trick that’ll get envious looks sent your way.

Go on the perfect date

Couple life can get on the back burner with the busy schedules and daily commute. With an electric scooter, you can transform weekends into fun rides and add some beach life to the mix. Riding around Saint Monica pier on your speedy scooter with your girlfriend and taking in the sunset views is an experience unlike any. Saying that it will be romantic is underselling it. If you are up for it-we know you are, you can test the mobility and range of your scooter and spice up your couple life. Start with a full course meal at different locations around the city. Whet your appetite at your favorite cocktail bar, next comes a guided tour to a fine dining location on the other side of town. When you’re done, scoot over to where you can crown the night with dessert and karaoke or a dance. When the night is done, you can cruise back to your place and plan the next day.

As with everything involving fun, exercising caution is a must. Stick to cruising in the bike lanes and close to the curb and not sidewalks. Since your scooter is pretty fast and silent, not everyone will hear you coming, so tone down the zip zapping and dodging through lanes. Stick to the rules, and, most importantly, ensure to begin the day with a full charge.