E-scooters: An eco-friendly way to get around town or a passing fad

Electric scooters are now commonplace in major cities worldwide, including NYC, LA, and San Francisco. Electric scooters have infiltrated and transformed daily commute downtown or to work. Since the era of dockless scooters from companies like Bird dawned, every city now has electric scooters. Electric scooters are advertised as convenient, cheap, travel-friendly, and good for the environment. However, the skeptics are still undecided on joining the cool e-scooter gang or sitting this one out. Here is our take on why electric scooters are a great way to commute and care for the environment.

Perfect for shorter trips

Unsurprisingly, almost 60% of daily commute within the city is less than five miles. E-scooters are made for short journeys and offer a great complement to traditional forms of transport. As a first and last-mile solution, electric scooters are the right option for those living far from the nearest bus stop, subway, or train station. Since these get you most of the way and going by foot isn't particularly fun, e-scooters are your best option. E-scooters are a great option when you are running late, and you can't afford to wait to hail a cab, traffic jams are getting out of hand, or you want to get to work or home early. With an electric scooter, you can forget parking space hunting, uber hailing, ridesharing, or missing the bus; it's a convenient solution to getting you to your destination.


Electric scooters are considerably cheaper than other transport methods. E-scooter prices offer the best value ranging from as low as $400-$2000 according to the model and features you want. Compared to monthly car payments, buying a bike or e-bike, or taking public transport regularly, it's clear that cheap electric scooters for adults is a better investment. With an e-scooter, you forget gas prices and other costs associated with owning a petrol vehicle. For people in LA & NYC who need to go a few blocks downtown, e-scooters are fun to drive and pretty fast. E-scooters eliminate the high maintenance costs and offer an excellent range with large batteries capable of running up to 70km. Getting a unit with powerful batteries, thick tires, and brakes like Kugoo scooters is an investment that pays off soon enough. At the end of the month, the combined cost of bus fees, ridesharing, or car payments dwarf's maintenance cost of an electric scooter.


E-scooters aren't faster than cars on the open road, but city roads are rarely open. With an e-scooter, you can beat traffic by weaving around people and vehicles even during peak hours. Even if the trip is a bit longer, you are confident of getting there without being a sweaty mess from peddling or already exhausted from car rides. Electric scooters complement public transport, and even if you have to catch a bus or the subway, you can fold it up and carry it. Their lightweight stowable construction easily fits in the office corner, under the desk, or anywhere safe from vandalism and theft. There's a scooter style and configuration to match your needs, whether rushing off to class, getting late to work, or need to dart downtown. Since major cities now have bike and scooter lanes, you are a lot safer on the road.

Cheaper and easier to maintain

Electric scooters run on battery power and save you the hassle and cost of buying fuel. E-scooters have a solid build that holds up well. Their simple design makes it easier to maintain, and with a bit of time, motivation, and the manual, you can easily repair it. Instead of worrying about insurance payments, monthly fees, and oil changes, you need only remember to charge your scooter and maybe lubricate it occasionally. Pair their thick tires, robust suspension, and rock-solid frame, it will be a while before you hit the service center.

Good for the environment

Today, city dwellers are more conscious of their part in reducing emissions and saving the environment. Electric scooters meet the cut for anyone who wants to travel around quickly without increasing their carbon footprint. Electric scooters consume no fuel and offer more range compared to gallon miles, and unlike cars, they require less energy to produce and move them. With cities enforcing zero-emission zone laws, scooters fit the bill and offer a much greener alternative to petrol engine cars, motorbikes, and ridesharing.

A mainstay in cities

Electric scooters not only look good and drive better, they are entertaining and practical. They are perfect for short journeys, have great mileage, can beat traffic, are portable, and serve the best complement to public transport. As a greener transport alternative, companies have billions invested in e-scooters, and with the global emission laws getting stricter, their investments will pay off. Whether you have your personal scooter or use a public one, they are a bold street statement and a trend to get on.