What We Do

We create e-scooters to put it simply
The e-scooters you see today are a result of years of engineering, design and conceptualization principles that form the foundation of all of Kugoo's innovation principles.
We create with 3 principles in mind:
1. Futuristic for the future
2. Together with community in mind
3. User Focused Design
When we talk about being for the future, we mean creating things that make peoples lives simpler for the long-term. We like convenience, getting people from point A to B in a comfortable, cool and secure matter with out all the complicated nonsense in between.
When talking about togetherness and community, we talk about how we take climate change and the environment seriously and thinking about we we can reduce our carbon foot print one roll at a time.
User focused design to us means creating with you in mind. This means thinking about what are friends and families biggest paint points are and trying to solve it. This is so critical to everything we do at Kugoo, things need to be kept simple, extremely user friendly, and designed with precision detailing.