Why Us

Good question, but we got a better answer.
We can comfortable say we make the best e-scooters in the price range you see today. There is no one else that does e-scooters in the technical detail that we do that keeps things minimal and visually aesthetic as well. Our e-scooters are engineering master pieces of product innovation and we never stop thinking about ways we can make the next great Kugoo product better.
We brought together the best in the world from designers, engineers, creators and innovators soley to put together e-scooter line that can change peoples lives for the long-term. No trends, fads, or BS is tolerated, no corners are cut, no questions are left unanswered.
Our e-scooters are our pride and enjoy and the thousnads of customers around the world that ride them every day are proof to us that we are doing things right. Thinking got us here, but innovation is keeping us going.